If you've spent more than two minutes watching Peyton Manning play football, then you know that he uses a lot of hand motions during the course of a game. Pointing here, pointing there—it's all a part of the way Manning conducts business when he's lined up under center. So when he did this yesterday, the average NFL fan didn't think much of it:

Lil B fans went NUTS, though. They claimed that he was doing the Based God's infamous cooking dance, and more than a few of them let him know about it:

In fact, so many of them hit Lil B up that he started retweeting a bunch of reactions to it and, eventually, he even responded to Manning. And rather than ripping the legendary quarterback for stealing his dance—which he has done to some other athletes in the past—he thanked him for doing it:

So was Manning really doing the cooking dance? Uh, probably not. But it's worth noting that one of Manning's teammates Brandon Marshall did do the dance during Denver's game against the Ravens on Sunday:

And once upon a time, Peyton's little brother Eli Manning thought about incorporating a really awkward version of the cooking dance into his future touchdown celebrations:


Whatever the case, Lil B is happy to pretend that "Payton" was giving him props:

Dear (Based) God, please let some beat reporter ask Peyton about this...

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