Nick Young may have grown up in Los Angeles, which, by default, should make him a Snoop Dogg fan. And Snoop Dogg may be a diehard Lakers follower, which, in turn, should make him a Nick Young fan. But thanks to the recent "beef" between Young's girlfriend Iggy Azalea and Snoop—which has since been squashed thanks to T.I.—the NBA ballplayer and the rapper had a problem yesterday. And Swaggy P let the world know about it when he took to Twitter to defend Iggy early Wednesday morning.

Swaggy P and Snoop are obviously not the first athlete and rapper to get into it, though. Other rappers and athletes have had problems over the years as well. So in light of the beef between Nick Young and Snoop Dogg, we put together A History of Rapper-Athlete Beefs. Remember these battles?