By now, you've probably heard that Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg are involved in a "beef" that started last weekend when Iggy was spotted leaving an airport without any makeup on and Snoop posted a mean meme on Instagram. The feud has since spiraled out of control with both Iggy and Snoop taking to social media to address one another. And now, it seems Iggy's boyfriend Nick Young is also throwing his hat into the ring and getting involved.

Very early this morning, the Lakers guard—who is currently sidelined with a thumb injury that apparently hasn't limited his social media activity—took to his Twitter account to take a shot at Snoop. He referred to him as "SnoopLion" and had this to say about him:

And while you would think that Swaggy P would get a positive response for sticking up for his girl, he's actually getting destroyed on Twitter right now. People seem to be mad at him for sticking up for Iggy and for having the audacity to go at Snoop.

Scroll down to see some of the craziest reactions that Swaggy P has received for taking a shot at Snoop. Can we please end this Iggy/Snoop "beef" ASAP for the sake of everyone involved?!