Both an Instagram user and TMZ have obtained the first footage from last night’s wild fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and T.I. (and their respective crews).

Both guy were finishing up a night out in Vegas in a way that would have made Ice Cube proud: at Fatburger. According to the TMZ report, T.I. spotted Floyd eating, went over to his table, and started jawing at him. He eventually took a swing at Floyd, the bodyguards stepped in, chairs were thrown, and all hell broke loose.

The fight may have occurred because Mayweather was hanging out with Tiny, who took this photo with Floyd earlier in the night:

No matter how mad he was, it was not a particularly smart move by T.I. going after Mayweather. Uh, dude? You know that’s Floyd Mayweather, right? He’s probably not a guy you want to get into a boxing match with.

Here’s a video of the verbal confrontation that sparked the brawl, where Floyd tells T.I. to "control your bitch":

And here is another video of the fight, which has a better look at the actual melee:

[via Instagram]