Who: Shareece Wright, San Diego Chargers
Offending tweet: @ShareeceWright: "Downtown LA looking nice. Wait till that football stadium gets built. #LosAngelesChargers"
Date: 1/6/2012
Consequence: Deleted account

San Diego Chargers fans have it kinda tough. For one, Norv Turner was their coach from 2007-2012. Two, there's rampant speculation that the Bolts will decamp up I-5 to Los Angeles at the first opportunity. So when little-used cornerback Shareece Wright tweeted about the proposed downtown LA football stadium and used the hashtag #LosAngelesChargers, San Diego fans were justifiably upset. They might've felt better about it if Shareece and his teammates had, you know, actually made the playoffs that season, instead of taking in basketball games in L.A. #justsayin