Sport: Competitive Eating
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 6x Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Champion
We don't care how short, slow, and unathletic your are; we guarantee you're closer to dunking or hitting a home run than you are to eating 60 hot dogs in ten minutes. And before you hate on Kobayashi for being on this list, try eating 97 hamburgers in a half hour and tell us he's not a physical phenom. In the Complex era, the five-foot-eight, 130-pound Tsunami has set Guinness World Records for eating everything from meatballs to Twinkies and, before this year's Super Bowl, swallowed an unbelievable 337 chicken wings. And although there's been a recent changing of the glutton-guard with Joey Chestnut eating up (pun intended) much of the competitive consumption spotlight, Kobayashi dominated the mid-00s winning the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest an unprecedented six consecutive time.