Sport: Tennis
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 10x Grand Slam Winner, 2x ATP POY
Raffy burst on the scene at the age of 19 coming straight for Roger Federer's throat. He's the best clay-court player in the game today, but knee problems have slowed him down somewhat. Nadal plays an aggressive game and covers the court from baseline to baseline like no other. He plays with a determination that'll make the casual fan take heed. Rafael doesn't have as many endorsements as Roger, but we bet he's winning the battle with the ladies. Speaking of which, Nadal called out Federer for being about himself and not the game. He must really feel some type of way because he has owned Federer over the past couple years. Although there isn't an American male we can root for, you should still watch tennis because of Nadal alone.