Sport: Football
Bonafides From 2002-2012: 2010 Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP, 2011 NFL MVP , 2x Pro Bowler
It takes a special kind of football player to patiently wait behind a quarterback legend who refuses to play the role of mentor. Rodgers' cool and steady mental attitude made it possible for him to sit back and wait for his time to shine, much like he did in the 2005 draft, dropping from a potential No. 1 pick right into the Green Bay Packers' lap at 24. None of that phased Rodgers. He knew what he was capable of, and he knew he could own Title Town once he was called to center. In his first year starting (essentially his rookie year), the California kid caught the league's attention with over 4,000 yards and a 28-13 TD-INT ratio. In the three years since, he has won a Super Bowl, earned the Super Bowl MVP, tossed his way to a 45-touchdown league-MVP season, and made the Pro Bowl twice. With his incredible down-field vision, underrated athleticism, and smart decision making, he's already got some analysts saying he could eventually be a top five quarterback of all time. If he keep up his current pace, that's exactly where he's headed.