4. Will Pacquiao v. Mayweather ever happen?

This potential super fight has had boxing fans salivating for years now. But with Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s three-month jail sentence starting in January, the idea of this bout ever going down seems less likely than ever. Manny Pacquiao just turned 33 and Money May will be spending his 35th birthday behind bars this February. Time is working against both fighters, but many say what could be the biggest-grossing fight in boxing history will be too much for either boxer to resist at this point in their careers.

Staff Predictions:

"Late in 2012, hopefully before December 21. It can't end without this fight going down." —Angel Diaz

"No. Both guys are too afraid to face one another. #equalopportunitydisses" —Jose Martinez

"Nope. For boxing fans, this bout is like that hot girl you've been dating for a bit but she still won't let you hit it. You continue to pay interest until you realize it's not even worth it. She'll come back and holla in a few years, though. Uhh...pause-worthy analogies aside, you get the point." —Ralph Warner

"Dana White, where are you?" —Jack Erwin

"Doubt it. One or the other will keep finding reasons not to. Maybe we can convince them to do an American Gladiators battle with Gina Carano, though." —Tony Markovich