When will athletes learn? When will they realize that they should not send explicit photos—or, more specifically, penis pics!—to females? Especially when those females happen to work for the teams they play for. Didn't anybody learn anything from Brett Favre?

Apparently not. Monta Ellis is being sued by a former Golden State Warriors employee for sexual harassment. She claims that the Warriors guard sexually harassed her from November 2010 to January 2011 and that she was fired a few months ago when she complained to the Warriors' upper management. She also says that she has photographic evidence of the harassment, namely a photo that was sent to her from Ellis' cell phone. Worst of all: The woman plans on identifying herself soon and says that the photo will be released soon as well.

Let us be the first to say: EGHCK! C'mon, guys. We've got a New Year's resolution for you. In 2012, no more penis pics. Capesh?

[via Sportsgrid]

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