What is it with rappers and seafood? They don't just love to eat fish. They stay rapping about how much they love to eat fish. They're in love with the idea of fish. 

When it comes to kicking rhymes about their favorite grub, MCs have always opted for seafood as their meal of choice. Be it shrimp, lobster or tilapia—if it lives under the sea, cats are rhyming about it. 

With the holidays rolling around, it’s likely your diet and daily workout regimens are already shot to hell. Don't worry—we’re right there with you. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s enough good food to go around to keep you full for your entire life. But Friday is fish day.

So we’ve done some digging and put together this History Of Rappers’ Infatuation With Seafood. You thought fish was just food? Nah, son. Seafood is aspirational. (Unless you're talking canned tuna or Filet O' Fish that is.) For all the shot callers, go getters, and up-and-comers, this is the stuff dreams are made of: nice cars, hot women, and yes... a nice big plate of fish.

Written by Julian Pereira (@Broadway_Jay) & Keenan Higgins (@HIGzILLMATIC).

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