29. Minnesota Timberwolves

2010-11 Record: 17-65 (Did not make playoffs)
Key Returning Players: Kevin Love, Michael Beasley
Key Additions: Derrick Williams (R), Ricky Rubio (R), J.J. Barea
Key Losses: None
This Week: vs. Oklahoma City, Monday (12/26); @ Milwaukee, Tuesday (12/27); vs. Miami, Friday (12/30)

Maybe it's just the hope talking, but the Timberwolves could very well make the largest leap in these rankings between now and April. Kevin Love is a 20/20 threat whenever he's not breaking news on Twitter, Derrick Williams is a superfreak, and the waterbug backcourt of J.J. Barea and the long-awaited Ricky Rubio is capable of making some noise (in Spanish, English AND Catalan). Then there's Michael Beasley, who's so mercurial that his logo should be a thermometer. Of course they DID only win 17 games last year, so... yeah. —Russ Bengtson