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Last night the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA championship in franchise history, and while their fans may have wanted them to wrap up the series at home in Texas, the players (and most definitely their owner) probably weren't too upset that they won the 'chip on the road.

You see the Mavs were playing in Miami (against some team with a few famous guys on it, heard of 'em?), and if there is one place on the face of the earth you'd like to be when you accomplish the greatest achievement of your life, it's South Beach. Around 1 last night the Mavs hit LIV, and, as befits the newly crowned NBA champs, they went absolutely H.A.M.: Weezy F. ("Frontrunner") Baby was there, casket-sized bottles of champagne were carted out on wheelbarrows, random clubgoers took their pictures with the Larry O'Brien trophy. But don't take our word for it, just check the pictures above (be sure to click through to the end, where a certain David Stern adversary joins the Mile High Revenge Club). [via @Me_and_2women (1,2), @DameWrights (3), TMZ (4), @Nigel_D (5), @ErrBodyLoves_KD (6), @JAE_MILLZ (7), @TerrenceJ106 (8,9), @PrettyBoyFre$h (10), @joehaden23 (11), @nickoleferrer (12), @OfficiallyIce (13), @mcuban (14)]