The 2018-2019 season came and went with no sign of Kanye West’s basketball shoe, since confirmed to be called the Yeezy Quantum, getting laced up on court. Many speculated the sneaker would be debuted by Nick Young, but Swaggy P remained a free agent last year. If the rumor mill is any indication, this will finally be the season that Kanye’s performance basketball sneaker makes it to the NBA.

Who will be the first to wear it? We don’t know. James Harden, the face of Adidas Basketball at the moment, could be a good guess. Not only is he one of the league’s biggest stars, but he is also known to care about his off court style as well. He even had an official project with Y3 release in 2018. Maybe the most obvious choice to do the honors is the NBA’s resident sneaker king PJ Tucker. He did similar things with Nike last season as the first player to play in Jerry Lorenzo’s Air Fear of God 1. Now that he’s a sneaker free agent, it would only make sense for him to break out the Quantum before anybody else.

As polarizing as West’s antics are these days, there is no question that new Yeezys still move the needle. The long-awaited debut of the Quantum could be one of the biggest moments the Adidas Yeezy brand has had to date when it eventually happens. Hopefully it just actually does this season.