NBA All-Star Weekend brings out the best basketball has to offer. As the league’s top talent converges on Charlotte, North Carolina this year, new stars will emerge and current heroes will further cement their legacies once the final horn goes off on Sunday night. The players and action on the court are supposed to capture most of the attention, but fans focus on what’s on the players’ feet as much. Sneaker companies use the three-day extravaganza as a time break out new designs, elaborate color schemes, and revive interest in select retros.

With this year’s events officially underway, we compiled a market search for sneakers released during All-Star Weekends from years past that available online right now. The prices fluctuate since everything included comes from the secondary market. There are a few steals and solid deals along with pairs that won’t come cheap, since the available supply goes down each passing day. Check out the list below: