Allen Iverson has never been one to pull punches, and in a new interview with Complex Sports, The Answer kept it 100 in regards to his infamous "All-Star" Reebok Question colorway from his first All-Star game appearance in 2000. 

As the story goes, Reebok created the head-turning yellow and blue Question colorway as a homage to A.I.'s reputation for rebellion. At the time, it was unheard of for a player to wear sneakers that clashed with the colors of their uniform, so this was Reebok's way of allowing Iverson to break tradition.

Unfortunately, Iverson wasn't sold on the loud colorway, and shade from his fellow teammates didn't help matters. Reebok did everything it could to sway his decision, even going as far as to use Iverson's mom to persuade him, but he wouldn't budge.

Now, almost two decades later, Iverson reflected on his choice, admitting "I probably cost Reebok a lot of money that day. I was not having it."

Love him or love to hate him, you've gotta give Iverson props for sticking with his instincts and refusing to back down despite it being a costly decision. 

Read the rest of Iverson's interview, which includes unbelievable stories of a $10K pick-up game against Ma$e, a round of H.O.R.S.E. against Nelly, and much more here. Meanwhile, you can pick up the "All-Star" colorway of the Question Mid right now from for $140