The NBA’s decision to allow players to wear sneakers of any color is a welcome one. In recent years, the league had gone lax on enforcing the previous rules requiring shoes to be majority black or white with a team accent color. But by completely doing away with the archaic approach, players and teams now can wear whatever colors they want on their feet. Expect to see wild color combos, customized pairs, and the full works by the time the season has run its course.

It all speaks to the larger trend. The NBA’s popularity continues to grow while the NFL is mired in controversy and the MLB remains stuck on traditions. We’re far removed from the days of former commissioner David Stern’s draconian dress code. In fact, the league has done an excellent job staying current by embracing social media better than competitors and allowing players to express themselves on social issues. Removing color restrictions is another example of the league trusting the players to be its best ambassadors. Basketball is a team sport driven by individual style and play. And part of that style extends all the way down the sneakers the players wear as an extension of their individuality. Expect to see players expressing themselves in a multitude of ways now since the restraints on what they wear have been removed.