Anyone seriously interested in copping a pair of the adidas Originals Yeezy Boost, you need to be reading this. The adidas Originals flagship store in London, in the absence of the adidas Confirmed app, has decided to hold a raffle to see who gets the opportunity to cop the ridiculously hyped first release from 'Ye and adidas. As was predicted, this initial UK release is extremely limited, and adidas have decided this is the fairest way of ensuring that everyone who wants to cop gets an equal shot, at least at the beginning. So if you're in London, head down to the Originals flagship (on Fouberts Place) by Friday noon and enter your name into the raffle, and pray to the style lords that you get blessed, fam. 

This video captures the moment people who had been camping found out about the raffle.

Bad luck to all those kids who started camping yesterday. We see you, and we feel your pain.