There is no better weekend of the year than NBA All-Star Weekend for the basketball shoe connoisseur. Everybody rocks something special, whether it be a new color of an existing model or a brand-new signature shoe entirely. Some dudes (cough, Derrick Rose, cough) even wear more than one pair. So while yesterday we brought you the top 25 All-Star game shoes of all-time, today we've got as many of the 2011 All-Star Game shoes that we could find. Let's go.



Zoom Kobe VI

We're gonna start with the West since that's where the game is, and we're gonna start with leading vote-getter Kobe Bryant because the game's in his house. Cool? Cool. Obviously Kobe's gonna be in his signature Zoom Kobe VI -- in a special red All-Star makeup -- complete with lenticular tongue graphics that change as you turn the shoe. And since there's a tendency for guys to win MVP on their home floor, you might see these shoes a lot.




Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant is another Nike signature guy, and his Zoom KDIII has been done up in all red, too. Even more red than Kobe's, in fact, since his kicks have a translucent red sole that reveals some Eddie Van Halen-like stripes on the midsole. Lenticular too? Beleedat.



adiPure Mid

A surprise starter in the West is Tim Duncan, who was given the starting center gig by West (and Spurs) coach Gregg Popovich when Yao Ming was unable to go due to injury. Tim doesn't have a signature shoe anymore, so he'll be in the adidas adiPure Mid, an $80 in-line shoe that seems to fit with Timmy's below-the-radar style


Melo M7

Then there are the Jordan guys. Let's start with Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, who if Denver had ever got their trade business together, could just have easily been wearing blue this weekend. Instead, he'll start the game in a red colorup of his Jordan Melo M7.



Jordan CP3.IV

And last but not least amongst the starters there's New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul, also a Jordan guy, also with a signature piece. He'll be breaking out a white/red Jordan CP3.VI.



Peak Relentless


Then there's the bench guys. The latest addition to the squad is Minnesota forward Kevin Love, who's been rebounding like Rodman (crazy) and stacking 20/20s like a latter-day Moses Malone. Too bad the Wolves suck, but he made it anyway. He'll be repping Chinese brand PEAK in a signature Relentless.


Nike Air Max 360 West

The rest of the Nike guys -- Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili, Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki among them -- will presumably be outfitted in this All-Star makeup Air Max 360 Low. Although if they want to wear something else, we're pretty sure Nike'll hook it up.




adidas Superbeast

Let's start with Dwight Howard, the second-leading vote-getter overall, and starter at center. He'll be in an All-Star version of his new adidas Superbeast, featuring red and blue trim and All-Star graphics. They've already been available at, too.


adiZero Rose



adiZero Rose 1.5

He's joined in the starting lineup by labelmate Derrick Rose. The Bulls PG and MVP candidate will be wearing two different pairs -- starting with a Simeon High School inspired pair of adidas adiZero Rose and finishing in the all-new adiZero Rose 1.5.



Nike Air Max LeBron 8 V2

Then there's the Heatles. Force of nature LeBron James gets an All-Star version of his Nike Air Max LeBron 8 V2 sig, complete with the lenticular tongue and a blue-black fade.



Air Jordan 2011

And Dwyane Wade, who will be in the white/royal colorup of the Air Jordan 2011. Only question is which midsole he'll use.



Nike Air Max 360 East

Rounding out the East starters is Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire, who will most likely be in the Air Max 360 Low. Then again, it wouldn't surprise us in the least if he came out in his good ol' Zoom Huarache Trainers.


Anta KG All-Star

The East bench is full of Celtics—four, to be exact. Rajon Rondo has already worn the Air Max 360 Low, so that seems like a no-brainer. Ray Allen will either wear the "East" Air Jordan 2011 or something he hasn't decided on yet. Paul Pierce has his own signature shoe. And so does Kevin Garnett, who will be in these All-Star Antas (above). Rounding out the East squad is Joe Johnson (Jordan 2011) and Al Horford and Chris Bosh (Air Max 360 Low).




Reebok ZigSlash

But the Sunday big game isn't all there is to All-Star. There's the rookie/sophomore game tonight, for example, where Wizards guard John Wall will sport these Reebok ZigSlashes designed by fan Dylan Stratton.


adidas adiPure Mid

And of course there's the dunk contest on Saturday. Nike's been quiet about Blake Griffin and DeMar DeRozan, and PEAK isn't saying anything about JaVale McGee, but Oklahoma City's Serge Ibaka will be wearing these bright adidas adiPure Mids:


As for the rest? You'll have to wait and see

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