Director: William Castle
Stars: Vincent Castle, Carolyn Craig, Elisha Cook, Alan Marshal, Julie Mitchum, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long

Whereas most movies about supernaturally possessed cribs keep the ghosts and freaky imagery off the screen, the late, ambitious showman Robert Wise took a much flashier approach with House on Haunted Hill. The result is a funhouse picture of the best kind, showing the worst night ever for five guests spending a night inside a millionaire's mansion in hopes of collecting $10,000 a piece; if only one person "survives," he or she exits with the whole $50,000 pot.

House on Haunted Hill includes some of the best shock moments in horror history, scenes that must have given audience members heart palpitations back in 1959. Without spoiling anything, be on the lookout for a hideous witch that appears to move on roller skates (a budgetary issue, no doubt, but one that lends the sequence some bonus unease) and a particularly memorable, walking skeleton. —MB