Sacha Baron Cohen stopped by Kimmel following his wins at Sunday’s Golden Globes, and he used his interview to effortlessly launch into a hilarious sketch.

The two discussed Cohen’s Globes wins for Best Musical or Comedy and Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, and what it was like bringing back the character of Borat. Then Cohen exposed himself as a black market seller of COVID-19 vaccines. “Bono? Oh hey man, what’s up?” he answered his phone, telling Kimmel to hold on for a moment. “Yeah, I’ve got AstraZeneca, Pfizer, what do you want? Yeah, Venmo is fine.”

When asked if he was speaking to U2’s Bono, Cohen was dismissive and suggested Kimmel stop asking questions. Upon answering a call from “Tom Cruise,” he joked, “I thought thetans were immune,” a clear dig at the Mission: Impossible star’s enthusiasm for Scientology. “Stay out of this Kimmel, right? … There’s no vaccine for broken legs,” he said, as his visibly stressed wife Isla Fisher stumbled into the shot for a brief moment.

Kanye? … What do you mean you only need one now, I got you down for six,” Cohen said. “Don’t drink for six hours—if only Tiger had listened to me.”

Fisher returned for a moment, seemingly chugging the vaccines. “Have you been drinking vaccines? How many have you had?” Cohen asked.

Kimmel told Cohen that perhaps his energy would be better focused on an Oscar campaign instead of selling vaccines, to which he replied, “This is my Oscar campaign. Jimmy, put it this way: none of the Hollywood Foreign press are catching COVID anytime soon.”

From there it went even further off the rails, with Fisher bursting in with a gun with the sounds of police are breaking into their home. “It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine,” he said, picking up a huge bag of cash and running with his phone. Cut to footage of a police chase, but Cohen is commited to finishing his interview. 

The first half of his appearance, by comparison, was a lot more tame. “The only time Borat existed after the first movie was on this show,” Sacha told Kimmel. “I came on once during Trump’s campaign for election where Borat was saying that Trump was a Sacha Baron Cohen character.” While he initially thought another Borat film would’ve been “impossible,” it only took a short session with his writers to come up with an idea for the sequel.

He also talked about his awkward experience at the Golden Globes, which was hosted remotely with nominees appearing over Zoom. “It was a virtual-type situation where you are in a room with the other nominees. Did you talk to the other people?” asked Kimmel.

“I did,” he replied. “I mean, they did that beforehand and we’re all wishing each other luck, and then actually after I won both of them, they put me back in the room with the other nominees. It was incredibly awkward.”

Apparently his positivity was off-putting, he added. “I was just saying, ‘Listen, guys, we’re all winners! We’re nominated!” he joked. “But they hated me. They hated me.”