People spend all year long looking forward to Spooky SZN, and somehow, we still end up searching for the perfect last-minute Halloween costume. The holiday is quickly creeping up on us, but there’s no need to settle for something basic just because procrastination won again. This year provided us with a wide range of memorable moments from TV, movies, and pop culture events that can easily serve as inspiration for your ensemble. Look no further than your favorite show’s characters, celebrities, and this year’s biggest box office hits for last-minute costume ideas you can pull together with little to no effort and in no time.

Squid Game, Ted Lasso and WandaVision were among the most popular TV shows this year, and the characters from each series are expected to be brought to life by fans this Halloween season. Bennifer 2.0’s red carpet debut, Bernie Sanders at the inauguration, and Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala were some of the most talked-about celebrity moments on social media this year, so dressing up as them is bound to be a big hit at any party. Costumes paying homage to movie characters like Cruella de Vil and Harley Quinn have been overdone over the years, to be honest. Thankfully, both characters’ looks were elevated after this year’s Cruella and The Suicide Squad, so the new refreshed versions of them are definitely worth recreating this time around. If horror is more your thing, the classic Michael Myers from Halloween Kills and You’s creepy Joe Goldberg are great options to try. There’s still time to put together creative pop culture-inspired costumes people will instantly recognize. Check out some Halloween fit ideas below and let your imagination run free.