Gina Carano’s time as part of the Disney family has come to an end. Things seemed to be going well for her until her political opinions overshadowed what she was accomplishing professionally. Her controversial posts have previously gotten negative attention, but she faced even more backlash on social media last week after sharing several conservative posts on her Instagram Story. In defense of her views, the actress shared a photo that compared being a conservative in the United States to being Jewish during the Holocaust. 

The actress starred in the Disney+ hit series The Mandalorian for two seasons, and Star Wars fans seemed to love her character. Carano, a former MMA fighter, was cast as the bounty hunter Cara Dune in the Star Wars series, and there were rumors of a plan for her to star in a spinoff. Following the controversy, Lucasfilm fired her from the show and her agency, UTA, dropped her shortly after. While many fans called for her to be reprimanded for her online posts, others condemned Disney for firing her and blamed the reaction on “cancel culture.” Some fans even said they would cancel their subscription to the streaming service.   

The concept of “canceling” celebrities for their controversial thoughts, views or actions, is not new. It has been used a lot more lately due to the country’s political divide and with celebrities being exposed for their racist, sexist, or homophobic beliefs. Blacklisting has been a part of Hollywood since its inception, but Carano is fighting back this time. The actress reacted to the backlash and told her fans on Instagram that she can’t be canceled, writing: “They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.” 

Check out everything that has happened since the actress shared the now-infamous post.