Starting this Friday, March 26, Disney+ will be raising the price for subscribers. It was reported/announced back in December that this was coming, but here’s your reminder to contact your accountant.

The streaming service’s new monthly fee will be $7.99 (up a dollar from the old price) and the new annual fee will be $79.99 (up 10 dollars from the old price). The package that includes Disney+, along with ESPN+ and Hulu with ads, will also go up by a dollar, to sit at a new price of $13.99 per month. 

According to Variety, this marks the first time that the service has raised its price for U.S. customers since it launched in November 2019. 

Earlier in March, Disney said it had exceeded more than 100 million subscribers worldwide. It also reported that roughly 30 percent of those with the service come through Disney Plus Hotstar India and Indonesia. Not to get you mad at those viewers, but that area has a much lower average price point. 

Despite the soon-to-be-here increase, Disney+ is still a bargain, especially when compared to Netflix’s $13.99 per month standard plan, and HBO Max’s $14.99 per month rate (not to carry water for the streamers or anything, but those are pretty good bargains too. Especially if you use them a lot). 

In case you’re wondering, other prices around the globe have risen recently as well. Canadians saw prices go up to $11.99 CAD per month (up from $8.99), which is about $9.50 in the U.S. Also last month, the prices in Europe/the U.K. went from €6.99 to €8.99 (about $10.63).