Netflix has shared the first official trailer for the forthcoming series Colin in Black and White, helmed by Colin Kaepernick and Ava DuVernay.

The six-episode limited series dramatizes Kaepernick’s childhood as he picks up a football, moving to his eventual success and skyrocketing career as he becomes vocal about his beliefs. The former NFL quarterback and DuVernay met in 2017 when Kaepernick found himself in the spotlight after protesting social injustices on and off the football field. We also get a glimpse into what Kaepernick dealt with as the adopted Black son of white parents in a white community.

Kaepernick and DuVernay spoke about what inspired them to take on this project, with Kaepernick telling Netflix he and DuVernay wanted “to bring these stories to life in the most impactful and compelling way possible.”

DuVernay described how Kaepernick called her one day and said he wanted to tell his childhood story. “What interested me was the idea that, through his story, I could shed light on a core belief that I hold: that we can all be the hero, the lead character, of our own lives,” DuVernay said. “Bottom line, I was interested in the process of becoming the star of your own life.”

Kaepernick predominantly wants viewers to see what experiences shaped his formative years and encouraged him to stand up for his beliefs. “I want Black and Brown kids and their communities to find guidance in how we can combat racism and oppressive systems. I hope someone can see that they too can come out on the other side and be able to say, ‘I faced those struggles. I’ve worked through them, and I was able to be successful and come out the other end, keeping my dignity and my identity intact.’”

Colin in Black and White premieres Oct. 29 on Netflix.