Network: USA
Stars: Rami Malek, Carly Chaikin, Christian Slater

What can be said about Mr. Robot that hasn’t been said about some of the greatest television ever made? This is easily my favorite show of the year, and I would argue that it should be No. 1 depending on how it sticks the landing in the upcoming finale. In short, though? Sam Esmail is a genius that needs to be treated as such. It sucks that USA decided to put this show on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST, as most of America isn’t aware of Rami Malek’s incredible performances this season and Sam Esmail’s consistent flexing behind the camera. His masterful eye and pen are the best in the business. There are at least two of the best episodes in the entire series this season alone, and there’s still a handful of episodes left.

This season of Robot is doing a great job in tying loose ends together in what has been a very intricate series to follow these last few years. Esmail and company have been able to capture modern-day New York in a way that feels authentic. If I keep writing about this, I’m going to spoil the show, so just know that Sam Esmail and Rami Malek could be this generation’s Scorsese and DeNiro. I pray that they work together again and give us another classic television show. When they speak of the “Golden Age of Television,” best believe Mr. Robot is at the top of that list. —Angel Diaz

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