Network: ABC
Starring: Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson

Sleep if you want, but black-ish is providing some of the best social commentaries on regular television today. Not too many sitcoms have the stones to address everything from America's reaction to Trump becoming POTUS to the reality of post-partum depression with a mix of humor and real shit like Kenya Barris and crew do. The show is chock full of shining stars, and knows how to ease into LOL humor one moment, then hit you with deep AF reality another. Who among us was ready for The Roots flipping "I'm Just a Bill" to break down the realities of being a slave in America? Or, black-ish backdoor piloting the upcoming Freeform series grown-ish? No matter how you slice it, black-ish is America on display right now, and needs to be recognized for its greatness on the reg. —khal