On June 11, TNT premieres their new series Claws, which feels like a winner. The series, which not only stars Niecy Nash, but has Rashida Jones on as an executive producer. When I first heard about the series, all I knew was that it was a comedy set in a nail salon. When I got my mittens on some of these screeners, though? It's on some Beauty Shop meets Big Little Lies meets Breaking Bad type shit, and counts Karrueche Tran as a series regular, playing the role of Virginia.

With the entire television world in New York City for industry upfronts, Karrueche was in New York City on her birthday to grace the Keeping Up With Kulture couch. While she didn't rip off our shoes like Michael Rooker did, she did talk to us about why she decided to sink her teeth into this role, which is a stark contrast to her previous work. "The show itself is just intriguing," she says.

"For me," Karrueche continues, "I've played the girlfriend, the wife, the girl next door, those kinds of roles, so with Virginia, I can really create and be an artist and explore me as an actor, and so it's been so much fun bringing that out of her. It's such a difference from anything I've ever done, and people will see that."

Karrueche speaks on everything from what fans can expect from her character's arc during the season, what it was like working with Niecy Nash and the amazing Claws cast, and what her hardest scene during the season was. Check out the full interview up above, and be sure to check out Claws when it premieres June 11.