In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is imperfectly beautiful. She wakes up with a serious case of bed-head and a less-than dewy glow, but it doesn’t matter because she’s working long hours to save money for her own restaurant, the dream that she wished upon a star for. Voiced by Anika Noni Rose, Tiana is one of most relatable Disney Princesses, mostly because she doesn’t fall right away for Prince Naveen’s (Bruno Campos) swagger, and is a little wary about kissing a frog (aren’t we all?). Now, while she and Prince Naveen do end up falling in love at the end, their slimy journey to undo Dr. Facilier’s curse isn’t all powdered beignets and gumbo, and yet, all the emotions hit. 

Set in 1920s New Orleans, a city of jazzy vibes and voodoo magic, the soundtrack embodies the flavor, creating some seriously energetic pieces, from Tiana’s “Almost There” to the swamp witch Madame Odie’s “Dig a Little Deeper.” All told, this movie may just make you drop everything right now and go to NOLA. —Danielle Elmers

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