Yes, Pocahontas is historically inaccurate and even has elements of overt racism, but it still manages to be one of Disney’s more thoughtful movies. For starters, "Colors of the Wind" is a timeless environmental anthem that stresses the importance of preserving nature. (Never mind what the hell a blue corn moon is, because the white guy who wrote that lyric literally made up the term.) As far as Disney princesses go, Pocahontas is definitely on the woke side. Voiced by Native American actress Irene Bedard, Pocahontas speaks out against John Smith and his white settlers’ gun violence. And she’s actually the first Disney princess to ever have two love interests. #GetItGirl. Plus, Grandmother Willow is a criminally underrated kween and like, the only elderly female character portrayed in a Disney movie who isn’t an evil sea witch or an old hag desperate to steal the youth from some innocent girl. So while Pocahontas isn’t THE greatest Disney movie of all time, it’s just around the river bend. —Lauren Zupkus 

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