Let’s just get this out of the way: the Siamese cats in this movie are racist as fuck. Disney is lucky the internet didn't exist in the ‘50s. Still, there are some timeless elements in Lady and the Tramp that deservedly stick with us today. That spaghetti eating sequence is all time, and if you haven’t replicated it with someone, you haven’t found true love.

As a refresher: Lady is a Cocker Spaniel who lives with rich white people, Tramp is a mutt who’s out on the streets, and they become an odd couple. Tramp has the lowdown on life: he knows Lady will be all but forgotten when her owners have a baby, he knows where to get a meal for free.99, and he even knows a guy who can remove Lady's muzzle. He apparently knows how to get laid, too, as Lady learns at the kennel that she’s not his first girlfriend. All in all though, this is a true love story, and if you haven’t watched these two dogs square off with the evil white aunt—aunts are always the villains, huh?—you absolutely must. Unruly dogs are really the best dogs. —Ian Servantes