Seth Rogen's Quarantine Has Been Bolstered by a 'Truly Ungodly Amount of Weed'

There's a strong argument to be made for indulging in "truly ungodly" amounts of all kinds of sh*t right now, to be honest.

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If Seth Rogen's display of good spirits is any indication, perhaps we should all be rocking some Alanis Morissette merch during the COVID-19 era.

Rogen was a guest on the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel's at-home edition of his namesake show, relaying with high levels of hilarity just how well he's adjusted to social distancing, which is something he says he's arguably been training for over the past 11 years.

"We are not all in this together, because this has not been that bad for me," Rogen said. "I'll be totally honest. This has been fine. I am built for this. I've kinda been self-isolating since 2009."

As for what he's been up to while holed up indoors due to the virus, Rogen outlined an agenda that's anchored by weed consumption and pottery crafting. "I've smoked a truly ungodly amount of weed in the time that I've been quarantined," he said. "More than normal, yeah. Thank god that it's been declared an essential service...I never feel like I willed any law into existence more than that one."

Rogen also discussed using McLovin t-shirts as toilet paper, social distancing food staples like macaroni and ramen, the anus-related horrors of Cats, and more. Catch the full interview up top.

As part of Kimmel's COVID-19 coverage, he's also been highlighting a charity chosen by the guest on each episode. Rogen selected his and Lauren Miller Rogen's HFC, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and accelerating progress in Alzheimer's care, research, and support.

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