Kim Kardashian on Gunna Again Being Denied Release From Jail: ‘We All Should Demand Better’

Kim Kardashian shares an extended message about Gunna again being denied pre-trial release, saying "the 'justice system' is anything but just."

Kim Kardashian and Gunna are pictured

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Kim Kardashian and Gunna are pictured

Following word that Gunna had again been denied pre-trial release, Kim Kardashian has spoken out amid the growing criticism surrounding the larger YSL case.

“Imagine sitting in a jail cell for 155 days with no bond when the only evidence against you is a ticket for an unrelated window tint and someone saying you weren’t in a gang,” Kardashian said in multiple-part posts shared to Instagram Stories and Twitter on Thursday night. “That’s where my friend Sergio finds himself today after having his bond denied for the third time despite there being zero evidence that he committed a crime.”

Gunna’s third bond motion was rejected this week, with a judge asserting the same witness intimidation argument used in prior rejections. Gunna’s legal team, meanwhile, has repeatedly noted there is “no evidence” against their client that would support holding him until trial.

“The State has presented no evidence to support its claims of dangerousness and has dismissed the only serious overt act (75) that was present when the first bond hearing was held,” Gunna’s legal team explained in the third motion.

In her statement, Kardashian pointed to several aspects of how Gunna has been treated since the case began, including calling out the witness intimidation argument. 

“Since his incarceration, I have worked with his legal team and the facts of his case are yet another example of why the ‘justice system’ is anything but just,” Kardashian said.

Elsewhere, Kardashian highlighted the potential for the trial to be continued (thus extending Gunna’s time behind bars) and also called on the public to “demand better” than what’s being seen in this case.

“Sergio deserves better and we all should demand better,” Kardashian, who previously showed public support for Gunna with a “Free P” post, wrote.


— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) October 14, 2022

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