Footage Showing Jonathan Majors Being Chased by Ex-GF Following Scuffle Released

Jonathan Majors has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

jonathan majors is photographed
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jonathan majors is photographed

Evidence from the Jonathan Majors trial, previously not available to the general public, was released on Wednesday.

Among the pieces released, per a report from TMZ, is video showing the evening at the center of the highly publicized case. Surveillance cameras captured Majors and the woman who accused him of assault, Grace Jabbari, in the New York area back in March.

At one point in the footage, Majors appears to be shown lifting Jabbari up and putting her into a vehicle, after which it’s not exactly clear what transpired between the two of them. Seconds later, Jabbari is seen leaving the vehicle before she and Majors are briefly filmed walking side by side near an intersection. Jabbari is then shown chasing Majors on foot for several blocks.

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Video via TMZ

Also released on Wednesday was footage of officers arriving at Majors' apartment, with Jabbari seen on the floor. As previously reported, per trial proceedings, Majors placed a 911 call, alleging that Jabbari had attempted suicide. Additionally, audio was released of Majors' 911 call, as well as of a separate conversation with Jabbari during which he referenced Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama

"I’m a great man," Majors is heard saying in one clip. "I am doing great things, not just for me but for my culture and for the world. That is actually the position I’m in. … The woman that supports me, that I support, needs to be a great woman and make sacrifices the way that man is making for her."

Here is the voice recording where Majors chastises his ex-girlfriend, saying he's a "great man" and needs a "great woman" like Michelle Obama or Coretta Scott King. Majors was upset she went to the pub with a friend

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In a statement shared back in October, prior to the start of the trial, Major’s civil attorney, Dustin Pusch, called the District Attorney’s case “a serious injustice” against the actor. At the time, it had been newly reported that Jabbari had been arrested. The D.A.'s office, however, said it would "decline to prosecute."

Majors has denied the allegations against him, with a previous statement issued through a rep stating he was "entirely innocent."

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