Eric André Talks Alex Jones, Donald Glover's 'Atlanta,' and Ranch in Hilarious Reddit AMA

Eric André pulled off what is arguably the most essential Reddit AMA in history, discussing everything from Alex Jones to 'Atlanta.'

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Until ranch is finally legalized and we can all enjoy crunchy vegetables in peace without fear of arrest, it's kind of hard to enjoy cool shit like, say, a deftly serious Reddit Ask Me Anything session with revered social commentator Eric André. But let's give it a shot, yeah? The revered host of Adult Swim's Eric André Show discussed everything from that very classic Alex Jones encounter to his desire to pop in on Donald Glover's Atlanta.

#AMA: "I'm Eric. I'm an Andre. Comedy doesn't exist. Ask me anything."

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— Reddit (@Reddit) October 12, 2016

When asked to name what he considers the "best" out of all the dope interviews he's managed to pull off over the years, André gave Jones the honor. As you hopefully recall, André invaded the Republican National Convention in Cleveland over the summer to royally fuck with Jones and company:

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André later told Stephen Colbert during a Late Show chat that, no joke, he thought he was going to die:

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One Reddit user, noting the surreal vibes of this week's Atlanta, asked André if a (presumably great) cameo was in the cards. According to André, he "would love to."

Elsewhere, André generously revealed the two show guests with whom he's engaged in sexual intercourse (Hannibal Buress and Russell Brand) and explained that he would reveal all the "tricks" he employs to get people to agree to interviews once he pulls the cord on the show for good. 

Also, just because he's a nice guy, dude even helped out one Reddit user who was concerned his André-inspired Tinder line of "I want you to fuck my wife" might be growing a little stale. The cure? According to André, just say this instead:

"you seem chill AF. What's your credit card number?"

Peep the full AMA session here while longing for legalized ranch.

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