Eric André smells like the stale bread of a turkey sandwich that was slathered with mayonnaise mixed in a hobo’s armpit and then left out in the sun for several days. It's the stench of commitment.

André is stinking up the place in between cuts at Apache Stages in North Hollywood, where he’s finishing filming season four of The Eric André Show, his unhinged Adult Swim parody of shoestring public-access talk shows, which will finally premiere this Friday, Aug. 5, at midnight. His sweaty, disheveled appearance has partly to do with the stress he’s under as producer, writer, and star, but it’s also a character choice. After a season in which the show's deranged host—a fictional version of himself—sported a silky Katt Williams perm and appeared to be on an ascent professionally, André envisioned him bottoming out in a dystopian future. Such a look could have been easily achieved by hair, makeup and wardrobe, but believability is key to the pranks that he pulls on celebrity guests and on everyday people during man-on-the-street segments. So, he went full funk-lord. For months, André hasn’t washed or brushed his hair, used deodorant, or cut or cleaned his fingernails, which have reached Nosferatu length.

He looks as ragged as the stage, which features a sprawling pile of debris from sets that André has destroyed for the traditional opening of each episode (the crew is currently working hard on a piston-powered dildo that is supposed to break through André’s desk). In a break before a segment in which Amber Rose is scheduled to be interviewed, we retreat to André's small, cluttered, poorly ventilated office to discuss the new season, the adverse effects of his funky condition, the importance of leaving jars of urine around set, and which rapper guest tried to kill him.