Nicolas Cage, classic man, is on a quest to track down al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. Well, in a movie. The real Osama bin Laden was shot and killed during a covert U.S. operation back in 2011, but that seemingly doesn't enter into the equation of Borat director Larry Charles' new comedy Army of One.

Cage stars as Gary Faulkner, a relatively regular dude who gets hit with a message from God (Russell Brand) suggesting he find and capture Osama bin Laden. With little more than a budget-friendly sword to his name, Faulkner embarks on his perilous journey. As the Entertainment Weekly-premiered trailer shows, plenty of Cage-y humor promptly ensues.

Nic Cage, the Creator spoke with Complex about Army of One back in September and praised it as one of the many "eclectic" projects he's been offered in recent years. "I did a Larry Charles film which is a comedy called Army of One about Gary Faulkner, who is this person who was a construction worker out in Colorado who got a bee in his bonnet to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice in a very strange way," Cage said. "As long as I can keep the variety going it keeps me interested. But yeah, I would say that I've been lucky to have a pretty eclectic range of different kinds of movies to choose from."

Army of One, also starring Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Paul Scheer (The League), hits digital HD platforms Nov. 4 before doing the Blu-ray dance Nov. 15.