Hannibal Buress has announced a last-minute surprise show in New Orleans to benefit victims of the historic floods currently impacting Louisiana. The stand-up comedian and Spider-Man: Homecoming star announced the show, which will take place Friday evening at the Joy Theater on Canal Street, via Twitter on Thursday night with a link for fans to buy tickets:

Buress also included a note asking ticket-buyers to read up on the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, which is currently providing assistance across South Louisiana. "History shows, over and over, that you can’t wash away the people of Louisiana," the foundation's website states. "They come together to take care of each other. But they could use your help, too. Please give to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation Flood Relief Fund."

"Federal assistance alone is not going to be enough to make people's lives whole again, so I'm asking every American to do what you can to help get families and businesses back on their feet," President Barack Obama said following a tour of flood-damaged communities on Tuesday, USA Today reported. FEMA administrator Craig Fugate echoed Obama's concerns, adding that he thinks many Americans have "tuned out" the tragedy.

"I don't think people across the nation realize how big or how bad this is or how much help the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Catholic Charities—just a whole bunch of volunteer organizations that are down here—are going to need," Fugate told reporters Tuesday.

For more on Buress' Friday benefit show, including how to donate beyond the $25 ticket price, click here.