'Broad City' Stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer Tell Jimmy Kimmel Where They Get Their Weed

Sadly, the weed they use on the show is indeed fake. But the real life stuff? Very real.

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Navigating life as an active purchaser of weed and weed-related paraphernalia can often prove mighty difficult, particularly if one is unfortunate enough to live in an area that's not quite as weed-friendly as, say, Washington or Colorado. For Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, scoring the weed they smoke in real life is actually a pleasant and rewarding experience.

"The pot on the show is fake and it's so harsh and horrible," Glazer told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday when asked about their greenest transactions. As for the real life stuff, Jacobson says the process is simple. "I get my pot from Ilana." But where does Ilana get their shared batches?

"I get it from, like, a full businessman," she revealed, presumably making this businessman very happy. "[He's] like a restaurateur. He's got garbage bags of weed." In addition to weed's starring role in each of Broad City's increasingly great episodes, the creative duo says their usual censor-pushing vibes have actually been widely supported by the Comedy Central fam. To break down exactly how their relationship with the network generally goes, the people responsible for the realest depiction of New York City on TV also told Kimmel an amazing story about blurred body parts.

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