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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! [extreme Ilana Wexler voice]

If you've been following Broad City as closely as we have been for the past three seasons, you've fallen madly, deeply in love with the pairing of Ilana and Lincoln. While the two were never particularly serious or monogamous, they've always seemed well matched, enjoyed each other's insane company, and were very into one another sexually [also extreme Ilana voice]. 

We've long known that Lincoln was probably, definitely more invested in Ilana than she was in him—he's gone to dog weddings, happily aided Abbi, driven Ilana to get HPV shots, and has always been admirably respectful of her feelings about the patriarchy. Meanwhile, Ilana has forgotten about Lincoln's birthday and trapeze school graduation, and has never met his friends. She obviously cares about him, but she's always taken more from him than she probably realized.  

Earlier in season three, we learned that Lincoln has been sleeping with someone else, an activity Ilana encouraged. But in tonight's episode "Burning Bridges," Lincoln finally hit Ilana with some truth—he wants to be monogamous, with this other girl, because Ilana has made it very clear how incapable she is of monogamy. On top of that, he doesn't even want to be friends anymore. 

We're just as heartbroken as Ilana is, so we wanted to revisit some of our favorite moments of Ilana and Lincoln, the way they were.