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With Apr. 20 fast approaching, we now have our first proper look at Comedy Central's three-part miniseries Time Traveling Bong. As its title implies, the series centers on a bong that also serves as a joyous time machine. Broad City vets Ilana Glazer and Paul W. Downs star as cousins Sharee and Jeff, whose otherwise boring AF lives get a boost of history and highness thanks to the seemingly magical bong.

Comedy Central

Though cruising through time and space on a huge wave of happiness inspired by the DEA's fav plant may seem like a never-ending marathon of bliss, things get complicated for Sharee and Jeff when they find themselves dropped into some of history's most harrowing moments. Salem witch trials? Check. Ancient Greece? Check. Mad Max-level dystopia? Extra check.

Comedy Central

The special, based on a 2012 College Humor sketch, is set to air across three consecutive nights starting (as is most appropriate) on Apr. 20 at 10:30 ET and wrapping up on Apr. 22. The trilogy will be paired with "After the Smoke Clears," a digital-exclusive that gives the most dedicated Bong fans the chance to hear more from some of the (presumably memorable) characters Jeff and Sharee bump into on their logic-defying travels. To really get into the Time Traveling Bong spirit, peep the sketch that started it all below:

Can we please get a full-length cinematic production of this by, like, 2018?