In two seasons, Broad City has managed to show a side of New York City that doesn't get much shine on television—the side where all those sorta poor, newly independent, upper-to-middle class recent college graduates live. It's often grimy, creepy, and dangerous, but this NYC is also the one where you can go from having a few drinks at a bar to blacking out and performing show tunes at a West Village lounge. And most of these experiences, in their icky, surreal, spontaneous glory, are fueled almost entirely by marijuana. Weed is just part of the ethos of a young person in New York. 

That's why a huge part of Broad City has been Ilana and Abbi (though Ilana's the real green queen of the two) navigating NYC, shirking responsibility, and trying to make that paper, all in the name of staying lifted. Say what you want about these two—sure, they both suck at their awful day jobs—but at least they're very resourceful, creative weed smokers. And that pays off in a place like New York City.

So ahead of the Season 2 finale tonight, it's time to learn from the best. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your highness in the Big Apple, courtesy of Broad City's dopest moments.