‘Furiosa' Actor Nathan Jones Tells Fans Movie Isn't Real After People Got Mad at Him for 'Sensitive' Scene

Jones said his job as an actor is to portray a character based on the "direction and script" of the film.

(Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga star Nathan Jones has reminded fans of the film that actions depicted in the movie are all fictional after he received some threatening messages online.

Jones went on his Facebook page to reveal some users had sent messages regarding a controversial scene in the film involving his character Rictus Erectus suggestively touching the hair of a young Furiosa played by child actor Alyla Browne. The scene was disturbing enough to make fans uncomfortable, and Jones had to set the record straight and remind them that movies aren't real.    

"I've noticed a few queries and private messages about my role in Mad Max: Furiosa, particularly regarding a scene with young Furiosa," said Jones. "This is a very sensitive subject, and I want to emphasize that it involves a fictional character."

He added, "The details can be uncomfortable, and as an actor, my job is to portray a character based on the direction and script provided to me. I appreciate your understanding and support in recognizing the distinction between fiction and reality. Thank you."

Furiosa has grossed $58.7 million domestically while bringing in $85.7 million on the international market for a worldwide total of $144.4 million. Its four-day opening weekend gross of $32.3 million was just short of its $40 million projection and has been considered disappointing by industry insiders.

The film also fell tremendously this past weekend, making only $4.2 million. Warner Bros. was projected to make $420 million from the movie, but now they're expected to make only $175 million worldwide. That means Furiosa may have losses of over $200 million.

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