The Top 5 Most Memorable Dillon Brooks Moments of 2023

The Canadian player has offered fun basketball and wild moments throughout the year.

Bart Young / NBAE via Getty Images

Dillon Brooks has widely become known as the league's newest instigator. While he hasn't quite reached the levels of Draymond Green, "Dillon the Villain's" antics have still provided for some of the funniest moments in both the NBA and the pop culture world this year.

Complex Canada ranks Brooks' five funniest moments in 2023.

5. Brooks Welcomes Team Canada Teammates With Boxing Gloves

Oh, Dillon. 😂#FIBAWC | @CanBball

— Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) September 6, 2023
Twitter: @Sportsnet

Brooks was ejected in the fourth quarter of the quarter-finals of the 2023 FIBA World Cup when Canada defeated Slovenia. After the team notched the win, he waited solemnly for his teammates in the tunnel wearing boxing gloves. He joked around, jabbing at his teammates in the locker room.

4. Russell Westbrook Palms Brooks' Face During Dunk Attempt

This pic is disrespectful

— NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) November 19, 2023
Twitter: @TheDunkCentral

Even though Russell Westbrook didn't complete the infamous dunk attempt that saw him palm Brooks' entire face, the Internet still had a field day with the picture. To be fair, it's not like Brooks did anything particularly wrong in that sequence, but any time anything remotely amusing happens to Brooks, it becomes an all-out joke fest.

3. Brooks And LeBron James Have Awkward Standoff

The awkward standoff between Brooks and LeBron James marked the first time the two had shared space since the Los Angeles Lakers bounced the Memphis Grizzlies from the 2023 NBA playoffs.

Nothing much really happened, but the tension between the two was easy to spot even from videos recorded at the arena. There doesn't seem to be much bad blood between the two, but fans' imaginations ran wild with their ideas of the talk they had.

2. The Brooks And LeBron Feud Begins: "I Poke Bears"

The sequel may have been good, but nothing quite beats the first time James and Brooks truly duked it out on the court.

After giving reporters his epic "I poke bears" rant where he said he wouldn't respect a player unless they dropped 40 points on him, the Lakers went on to make quick work of the Grizzlies. After a tough loss, Brooks elected to skip his media availability entirely, saying "I'm out," before leaving.

1. Drake Disses Brooks On For All The Dogs

What would a Drake album be if he didn't send subtle shots to people? On For All The Dogs track "Another Late Night," the rapper mentions Brooks by name, comparing him to a woman who keeps talking.

"Shawty ran some Dillon Brooks / can't believe this n— talkin', damn," he raps on the track.

Despite simply taking on the persona of a villain in the NBA, the bar went viral on social media because of its relevance. He was and still is known for running his mouth and Drake simply found a creative way to weave him into his songs.

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