The Internet Reacts To Dillon Brooks Getting His Face Palmed By Russell Westbrook

Westbrook didn't complete the dunk, but a foul was subsequently called on Brooks.

Adam Pantozzi / NBAE via Getty Images

Last week, the Los Angeles Clippers took down the Houston Rockets to secure their first win since acquiring James Harden.

In the second quarter, however, Clippers center Ivica Zubac poked the ball loose from ex-Toronto Raptor Fred VanVleet and Russell Westbrook managed to get his hands on it.

Once he did, he went for the dunk, posterizing Dillon Brooks along the way. In a photo captured of the moment, Westbrook is seen palming Brooks' entire face as he attempts to complete the dunk.

Twitter: @TheDunkCentral

While the dunk didn't work in Westbrook's favour, it didn't stop Twitter from having a field day with the picture.

Some didn't quite care that Westbrook didn't get the two points but loved what had happened to Brooks.

"It's glorious," one Twitter user wrote. "Need it painted on my wall."

Twitter: @CountOnVic

"Posting on my wall & telling my kids he made it," another wrote.

Twitter: @TheeDreadGod

Others were not impressed with outlets posting the photo as if Westbrook made the shot.

Twitter: @PopularDemandd_

Someone even pointed out that Brooks received a foul on the play.

Twitter: @Itamar_17_10

Even though Brooks was nearly the butt of the joke, someone flipped the script and joked about Westbrook being unable to finish the dunk and convert the free throws.

Twitter: @TheFormerExpert

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