Keke Palmer Goes Deep on Being a 'Parentalized' Child Star, How Son 'Awakened the Little Me Inside'

Amid experiencing highly publicized tension with her son's father, Keke Palmer had a heartfelt moment on Instagram.

Michael Tran / AFP via Getty Images

Keke Palmer says she's getting to experience the childhood she never fully had by being a first-time mother.

Since July, the actress-singer has been a hot topic due to a highly publicized relationship breakdown with her son's father, Darius Jackson. Palmer has remained candid with her fans throughout the former couple's spats, but now, she's focusing on the gift of motherhood.

On Tuesday, the Nope star took to Instagram and wrote about a 'great epiphany" she had during a recent therapy session, detailing her early exposure as a child actress and the difficulties of providing for her family.

"Reminiscing on this beautiful experience in my life! I had a great epiphany in therapy recently," she began her post. "Due to traveling and scheduling both of my parents had to stop working to support my career and be present for my three siblings, leaving me with the financial responsibility around age 12. Which I took great pride in because I knew what it would do for generations to come and a huge blessing that I could even help out."

She continued, "However it caused me a lot of pain because I essentially had to abandon my childhood feelings and desires, becoming like a parentalized child, which is something some of you can probably relate to in your own way. This was something that I have had to continuously work through because I am grateful but often feel like.. I missed “IT”."

Palmer then shared that out of being a "parentalized child," she's been able "to feel what it's like to be a kid again" through taking care of her 10-month-old son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson.

"Life can be such a tragic comedy because how funny is it.. that now becoming an actual parent, and the responsibility I’ve always carried being more valid now than ever, has in fact given me the chance to feel what it’s like to be a kid again," Palmer explained.

"I get a chance to explore a lot of the things I missed out on with my son," she added. "His freedom is like, the most priceless gift to me. He is already teaching me so much, it’s like he awakened the little me inside that I thought was long gone."

"God never forgets, the irony always gets me," Paslmer concluded.

This perspective has likely gained Palmer a sense of peace after filing for full custody of her son and in addition to filing a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. In court documents, Palmer alleged that Jackson, 29, abused her throughout and even after the duration of their relationship, which lasted from June 2021 to October 2023. Palmer said that the relationship ended “due to the physical and emotional abuse” Jackson imposed on her.

Jackson fired back with his own allegations, sharing a recorded phone call where Palmer's mother, Sharon Palmer, threatened to shoot him. Earlier this month, the exes agreed to attend meditation to sort out their differences, postponing a Dec. 5 court date regarding custody of their son and the restraining order

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