Wiz Khalifa Set to Star in New Apple TV+ Series 'Dickinson'

Wiz Khalifa continues to his journey into Hollywood.

Wiz Khalifa attends the City of Hope Spirit of Life Gala

Image via Getty/Emma McIntyre/City of Hope

Wiz Khalifa attends the City of Hope Spirit of Life Gala

Wiz Khalifa will star as the personification of death in Apple TV+'s new series Dickinson, according to Entertainment Weekly, This series will follow the young life of poet Emily Dickinson.

"We literally put Wiz Khalifa on our tone board as this would be the dream," show creator Alena Smith told EW. "Like he’s the aesthetic we want Death to have and then somehow we magically got Wiz Khalifa, so that was incredible."

Hailee Steinfeld will star alongside Khalifa as a young Emily Dickinson. Khalifa and the idea of death will serve as Dickinson's muse and lover. The show blends hip-hop and poetry to convey their romance. The show will also infuse modern music and dialogue to make the overall story palatable for audiences. This series will premiere when Apple TV+ opens up for users on Nov. 1. 

"I wanted Death to be the coolest guy in the world because Emily is in love with Death," Smith continued. "Part of the story of the season is about her coming to a more realistic and mature understanding of Death, but where she begins is a kind of Goth worship of death. I just really wanted it to be someone that you would genuinely get excited to see."

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