Nick Cannon Says He'll Have More Kids If 'God Sees It That Way,' Jokes He Should Start the 'Cannon Sperm Bank'

While the public has focused on Cannon for having seven children with four women, it doesn't appear that's stopping him from expanding his family further.

Nick Cannon

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Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has no issue with having more kids—in fact, it seems like he welcomes the prospect.

TMZ caught up with the actor in Harlem to find out how he’s had so many kids. “It’s just love, it’s the aura, it’s the essence,” Cannon said.

When asked if he’s going to keep having children, Nick responded, “God willing. If God sees it that way, then that’s what I’m gonna keep doing.” 

The paparazzo then pushed to see if the actor/rapper has “considered helping people who need artificial insemination.” Cannon laughed, agreeing, “And start my own Cannon Sperm Bank!” Asked what he’d charge, he said, “Man, I can’t put no value on that, it’s priceless.”

The 40-year-old has caught people’s attention for having seven children with four women, and with four of those kids being born in the last year. Back in June, the mother of Cannon’s seventh child, model Alyssa Scott, revealed the birth of baby boy Zen. Cannon also had twin boys Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa this year, with that announcement arriving less than a week before Scott’s. Cannon’s daughter Powerful Queen was born to Brittany Bell last December.

Back in August, Cannon discussed the public’s opinion on him having impregnated so many women. He told the Breakfast Club that while he ​​“understands the institution of marriage,” he doesn’t want “ownership” over anyone.

“Because we’re so indoctrinated into it, like, ‘We have to have it this way,’ I don’t subscribe to that,” the Wild ’N Out host said. “I actually think women are blessing us. Those women, and all women are the ones that open themselves up to say, ‘I would like to allow this man in my world, and I will birth this child.’ So, it ain’t my decision, I’m following suit.”

Cannon found himself in Harlem because he was being given a tour by Jim Jones. The pair had just finished shooting their Christmas movie Miracle on 125th Street.

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