Kai Cenat Livestream: Watch Kevin Hart Joke About Druski Using Ozempic

Druski arrived at Cenat's home with a suitcase full of energy drinks.

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Kevin Hart called Druski out for taking Ozempic.

The incident happened during Kai Cenat’s stream. Druski arrived at Cenat’s home with a suitcase full of energy drinks, which prompted Hart’s commentary.

bro why tf did Druski bring a whole suitcase full of energy drinks 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/lboMC6H92B

— ryan 🤿 (@scubaryan_) June 11, 2024
Twitter: @scubaryan_

“Hey chat, let me know if I should drink them all,” Druski said. “That ain’t good for your heart though, huh?”

Hart chimed in, “And you can’t mix that with Ozempic,” which incited laughter from Druski and Cenat.

“What?” Hart asked. “You can’t do that.”

“What the fuck?” Druski responded. Hart said, “You can’t mix that like that.”

Druski then said, “You got one.”

According to the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine, because Ozempic is used to control blood sugar and energy drinks typically have high sugar content, they might thwart the drug's benefits.

Hart has been a guest on Cenat’s stream before. In late May, the veteran comedian clowned the 22-year-old for getting curved by Tyla on Twitch. Hart and Cenat rewatched Cenat’s stream with Tyla, in which he asked if he could take her on a date and she declined.

"I almost punched you in the fucking face. Right there, I almost punched you in the fucking face. What made you do that?!” Hart said. “Look at that dumbass smile on your face, you look like a creep. You look like you smell seats."

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