Kevin Hart Roasts Kai Cenat Over Him Awkwardly Asking Out Tyla, Calls Out T-Pain for Gifting Less Subs Than a Fan

The actor and comedian had a lot of thoughts on Tyla seemingly curving him on stream.

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Kevin Hart showed up as a special guest on Kai Cenat's Twitch stream on Thursday, May 23, and during the stream, he hilariously roasted Cenat over the time Tyla seemingly curved him.

When Hart showed up during the stream, he directly addressed the chat and said it was his first time doing something like this and broke down how he linked up with Cenat. "It's about embracing the new, alright? I'm getting old," Hart said early on, as seen in the clip above. "So, do you watch streams often, or?" Cenat asked. "Absolutely not," Hart immediately replied. "Never, no."

The two got up to multiple bits during the stream, and one moment is already going viral on social media. At one point, the pair sat down to watch a previous stream Cenat did with Tyla, in which he sheepishly asked if she would consider going on a date with him. "Pause it," Hart interrupted as they watched the awkward moment. "I almost punched you in the fucking face. Right there, I almost punched you in the fucking face. What made you do that?! ... Look at that dumbass smile on your face, you look like a creep. You look like you smell seats."

Cenat defended himself and said he was "in the moment" and had butterflies. Hart impersonated Cenat and suggested that the 22-year-old streamer had lost his ability to communicate with women because of how much time he spends streaming. "She gave you an out, jackass!" Hart said. "'But we friends, though.' She gave you an out! ... Nobody would've known that she had absolutely zero interest, right?"

Kevin Hart just cooked Kai Cenat for 5 straight minutes after watching the clip of Tyla curving him

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During another point of the stream, Cenat was trying to explain Twitch streams to Hart, who was seemingly confused by every little thing. When Cenat pointed out that someone in the chat donated 100 subscriptions to viewers who tuned in, so they can watch the stream without advertisements, Hart was confused. "What the fuck are they giving you, man?" Hart laughed. T-Pain came through with 50 gift subs, which he immediately called out.

"How can Rainbow come in and gift a hundred and T-Pain cheap-ass only do 50?!" Hart asked.


— Tre Notes (@Tre_Notes) May 24, 2024
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Other highlights included Sexyy Red calling in to say hey to the two, which he took as a moment to roast Wallo and Gillie from the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

Sexyy Red called Kai Cenat and Kevin Hart ended up roasting everyone in the call 😭

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Check out the full stream below.

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